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Hello girls! Are you a creative person, struggling to leave the 9 to 5 routine and make your dream job come true? Yesterday I attended the event with the top Instagram influencers Erica Hoida, Jade Scott, Alyson Haley,  and Laura Beverlin. They shared their story and valuable tips for anyone working (or aspiring to work ) in a creative market and build a successful career.

By the way, Erica Hoida built her Instagram account with over a million followers in just 3 years… so let’s check the interview



Question : When did you realize that social media was more than a creative project and could be turned into a career?

Erica Hoida: When I started receiving brand requests for collaborations

Jade Scott: After partnering with Reward Style and seeing the possibility of monetization 

Alyson Haley: When I noticed I was spending to much time and money to create my outfits and posts

Laura Beverlin: After signing for Reward Style, I saw that it was possible! After that I worked hard to grow my content quality and following for 1,5 years, allowing me to quit my accountant job.

All the girls had different backgrounds, but none of them started their social media pages with the goal of being an influencer.  A few years ago, no one imagined the progress of social media and the blogging world.


Question : What would you consider essential for making the leap from your day job to a creative career?

Being passionate was the most important point in their opinions. No matter if we are talking about the influencer market or other creative areas, being passionate is something essential to make you put in all the necessary work hours to build a business.

Hard work and consistency are also important: creating quality content frequently is something that we always hear about, but if you are in the fashion niche, it’s essential to keep a consistent personal fashion style. For example, when someone finds your Instagram, she needs to have an instant idea of who you are, your personal style and your niche… having a strong style and unique point of view will set you apart in the ocean of competitors.



Question: How do you keep track of tasks and stay productive when you are your own boss?

Creating accountability for your projects and staying organized are the productivity basics: starting a day with a to-do list is always a good idea, but some others strategies can help you too:

  •  Instead of working at home, go to a coffee shop 
  • Have your own office, or a shared space like WeWork
  • Building a small team, or hiring an assistant 
  • Apps they love: TodoIst and Wunderlist.

I’m personally a huge fan of Todo Ist, and I’ve been using it for years! No more tasks or projects lost across multiple devices/ apps. You can organize your personal life as well as professional projects there, and it indeed makes life much easier!


Question: What is your strategy to grow your Instagram followers?

Erica feels that is extremely important to have a very specific fashion style, photos and editing. Those things will easily set you apart and make your photos stand out. 

Jade added an important point: in the age of social media perfectly curated posts are very important to show who you truly are, and be completely genuine with your followers… after all, you want to be relatable.

They all agreed that it is becoming harder and harder to grow on Instagram, but it is not impossible. As much as their Bloggs don’t generate the amount of traffic that it used to generate a few years ago, blogs are still a great resource.

After a few days, your Instagram content is practically dead, but your blog is able to generate traffic continuously… so don’t ignore your website!

Other quick tips:

  • Use Pinterest to reach new followers!
  • Small giveaways will give your followers one more reason to visit your profile often
  • Get your content reposted by other accounts
  • Use Instagram analytics to find which of your posts are performing better and adjust your content accordingly


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And of course: remember why you started! As Laura said, you don’t want to get distracted by other influencers, or you can lose yourself in an ocean of trends. In moments of low motivation, you have to remember why you chose to start in the first place.

Creative careers are not easy, but they can be so fun and rewarding! Believe in your ideas and do it your own way!


I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you in the journey to a dream job! I learned so much from these girls that it was really hard to summarize everything in one blog posts, but I’ve done my best!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or any extra tips!

I would like to thank for the invitation, and Claudia Gomez for the Professional Photos

With love; Vanessa Rose


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