Desk Decor – January Update

First things first, have you noticed the Disney mood taking over my Instagram lately? That’s because I’m going to Disney in a few days, and I’m already super excited!

That’s my first Instax mini! To tell the truth, I haven’t figured out to use it yet, so if you have any idea please comment below, lol! We are so used to take millions of photos in our phones that they lose the magic sometimes and I don’t want to take a bunch of photos on Disney, that will be forgotten in my drive. The goal here is to take just a few photos each day (around 20 for 3 days) and cherish them! Maybe even creating a photo board?

And if you are Instagram obsessed like me, you probably already came across Tezza’s book, Instastyle. This book will teach you some lessons on how to become an Instagram influencer, have a gorgeous feed, some photography tips and even some points on how to work with brands. I read the whole book on a Sunday afternoon, and I highly recommend if you want to become a full-time Instagrammer or just step up your Instagram hobby!


Last but not least, do you see that adorable Louis Vuitton phone case? I was dreaming of getting one for a few months but haven’t had the courage of spending that much in a phone case. But after some math calculations I think it was a good deal. Since every phone case usually lasts around 5 months and my phones have an average life of 2 years, the same amount would be spent anyway. Maybe my calculations are completely wrong and this was just a Becky Bloom moment.


Where to find it : Instastyle book here ; Mickey cup here, Louis Vuitton phone case here , Instax mini 9 here, Ice cream candles here, DKNY watch here, and that cozy white set that I’m wearing here

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