Easy ways to change your body and health

Making my morning smoothie with the help of iHerb!💖


I need to tell the truth; Lately, I’ve been eating so bad. 😫 I have this tendency of skipping meals, that gets even worse when I’m too busy. Does anyone relate? But we need to make an effort to eat healthy, simply because it influences EVERYTHING in our life! From our mood to the appearance of our skin, energy level …

So I decided to take care of my nutrition, and I think we should do this together! Things are easier when we have friends by our side to share the journey!

You can see all the products I’ve received from iHerb on my Instagram story highlight, and use the promo code 10NEW40 to get 10 dollars off. I think these protein powders, vitamins and fibers will be very helpful for you too.

I’ll be sharing posts often about my journey, and I would love if you could comment here (or send me an IG message) with your ideas, and the things you struggle the most. Let’s help each other!

What do you say?

Vanessa Rose

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