Is buying from Wish worth it?

Hello gils! We all have the same question, right? Is buying clothes from Wish really worth it?


What is Wish?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about… where have you been? Wish is a huge website /app that sells more than 200 million products, for extremely affordable prices. That’s possible because we buy directly from manufacturers, meaning no markups and items for a fraction of the retail price.


My Experience

I received a few items from a Wish campaign, and I was amazed by how everything looked very cute.  My dress and bag got so many compliments, and now I finally have one of the trendy bags we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last months.  I genuinely wish I had discovered Wish before!


So is it worth it?

Definitely! You just have to know how to search and be strategic on your purchases. Although the items were simple, I feel like Wish is an excellent resource for when we want to try out a new trend without investing too much in a product, especially those pieces that we will only use a couple of times.




Hope my experience could help you! Have you purchased anything on Wish before? Let me know in the comments!



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