Mermaid dreams

What is the official language of Miami? How can I communicate to wild bunnies that I am their ally?

when does a language marry you?
is it when you have your first dream
        without the need for subtitles?
is it when your toe cusses furniture
        in words no dictionary teaches?
is it when songs escape your lungs
        in the shower no longer exotic?
is it when you trust love to letters
        squiggling familiar across paper?
is it when newsprint hurts more
        than tears on blood?
did you have
        to divorce
                 the first?

 Igor Brezhnev

I found this poem a few days ago, and had to share it here. Specially because I have so many friends and readers that are expatriates like me. Somehow we found each other, and you always make me feel at home. 

Friendly Reminders:

Everything possible to stay positive. Show gratitude. Show compassion. Be gentle with yourself. Remind yourself that you are needed/

Compare yourself to others. Not on Facebook. Not on Instagram.Not in the magazines. Not in real life. Trust me, we all go through dark days. We all feel this way. You are not alone, you are not falling behind.

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