Today I’m thankful for so many amazing girls by my side, always supporting me.

And I’m even more thankful for the women that fought before us… while living graceful lives.

With Aline Lowry and Priscilla B

Thankful is an organization that promotes gratitude and connection in our communities. To recognize the valuable contributions of women we partnered with Glamsquad and Becca cosmetics for an afternoon of makeovers and tea in a local senior living residence.

Why? To remind those lovely ladies that they’re gorgeous! They have vibrant eyes, the sweetest smiles and a heart full of kindness. I can’t event describe the happiness of seeing all those ladies feeling so cheerful !

It’s truly a blessing to achieve 102 years old. Aging should be considered the most beautiful world in our vocabulary, but somehow we’re so ashamed of it.

Aren’t you tired of people telling us all the time “how sad it is to turn 30”, or that we need all those “anti-aging” products…?

The important question is: What does beauty mean to you ?

While drinking tea and sharing life stories, that lovely couple told us about their marriage of over 60 years. He proudly picked his wallet and showed us a photo of their wedding , while she hold his hand . That was the sweetest thing and reminded me of the subtle meanings of beauty.

Sometimes we obsess with our makeup and look ( who never? ) but it only emphasizes what’s already inside of us .

I would like to thank Becca Cosmetics , Glamsquad and Thankful for making those beautiful senior ladies shine inside and out !

With love

Vanessa Tilley

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